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Cookie of the Month Club 2022

Since 2004, Chef Haley Dove has been creating her own signature cookie recipes to compete in statewide competitions, winning 1st place or above in over three-quarters of her 20+ youth competitions, scoring best in show or similar in a quarter of those wins. As she began perfecting her recipes, she developed her own "Cookie of the Month Club", selling boxes of chocolate chip cookies and other unique and experimental cookies to close friends and family. In 2019, CakeSpaz reclaimed her roots in cookies and presented a limited number of Cookie of the Month subscriptions to her most loyal customers. Now, she is offering a full menu of goodies, with subscriptions to fit differing needs.


The Cookie of the Month Club features two dozen cookies every month. One dozen of CakeSpaz's famous chocolate chip cookies and a dozen specialty cookies that change monthly. $25. Email for subscription info.

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